Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ignore the old leg

check out the new shoes.
About three years ago maybe four now when I was shopping for a new pair of Earth Shoes while still living in Columbia, MO the sales lady tried to talk me into trying a pair of MBT walking shoes, but they looked to strange to me so I passed. A month are so ago one of my students was wearing a pair and reported that she loved them, that wearing them had helped her firm up without having turned into an exercise nut. She just wore them and went about her daily life.
I put on a pair of MBT sandals at my now favorite shoe store, Shootz on Park in Winter Park and fell in love with the way they felt and the way they "walked" But I had just brought a pair of sandals and while sandals can be worn here year round I must tell you I am not a shoe collector, I tend to buy wear and replace.
So about a month ago I noticed that my walking shoes were coming to the end of their life expectancy and I would need a replacement pair soon, I decided to replace them with MBT's instead of another pair of Earth Brand.
I have worn Earth Brand shoes for years, they are all I buy and I love them, but my feet are in joy with these shoes. I must say, I don't think they are for every one; especially if you have not worn a pair of shoes with a negative heel, such as Earth Brand, but MBT seem to have a more negative heel quality and an exaggerated curved sole that makes your foot   roll forward toward the toe as you walk that makes walking pleasurable.

I think I blogged several months ago about me entering quilt shows again, well I did and  "Red Petunias" was accepted for the AQS Show in Iowa.  So if you live in that area and are attending the show, look for it.

I am still quilting on the morning glory quilt and yes, I have to unquilt at times which is a bugger. In this case the bottom tension was messing up.  Glad I discovered it before I had done more.
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Carol said...

The quilt is spectacular. Thanks for the info on the shoes. Will look for them at the NEX. Oh yeah, the new shoes look so good no one will notice the "old leg".

quiltingnana said...

congrats on the AQS show....

Carolyn said...

Congrats on the show!

Anonymous said...

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Diane said...

Congrats on the show -- very exciting!
And I have those very same MBT shoes and love them EXCEPT the time I took them on a "photo walk" and had a heck of a time standing still to take macro shots of flowers! I was giggling to myself as my leg muscles got quite a workout trying to balance and be perfectly surprise, all the pictures turned out with a bit of blur! So they're not picture-taking shoes!