Monday, August 30, 2010

Whew, it seemed like forever

much much longer to get done than most of my whole cloth pieces. Not that I am making an excuse, but it is a little bigger than most of my work of late. As it is, it measures 40" x 55". I will loose about an inch when it is faced if I leave it as I have cropped it. I removed about 3 inches from the bottom, 2 inches from the left and 1 inch from the right.
So much for that and now on to the next thing....
I have a large piece of fabric 60" x approximately 60" that I soaked in soy milk and left to air dry yesterday. Not sure what I will paint next but I think I will get started on it before I spend a full day facing this piece. You know the sleeves will not get done for a while. At least not until this place has some place to go.
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Deanna said...


Carol said...

I'm speechless. This piece is simply beautiful. The quilting is awesome and the flowers look so real. What will you back it with? I'm still waiting to see the birds you were working on some time ago.

SHiNe said...

That is quite beautiful. I am wondering about your soaking fabric in soy milk, I've never heard of that. Do you mind describing the technique and explaining why you do it?
Thanks and keep up the good work!