Friday, August 13, 2010

Life in Apartment 226

has been humming along without any sour notes, high notes or low ones. Just normal everyday life as I am living it. The weather has been too hot and humid to be out of doors after 9:00 a.m. for weeks on end now, hence I have put off visiting a couple of museums one of which is the Morse Museum in Winter Park. An unusually hot and humid Summer is what the rest of the country is experiencing as well so I will not complain.
It seems that it rains everyday here sometimes between 2 and 5 with an occasional clap of thunder and a few streaks of lightening. But this is the rainy season and I knew that before I moved here.
I am quilting and knitting and reading and listening to books on tape interspersed in this I love my life sort of stuff comes periods of laundry, meal prep and housekeeping. I must admit, the periods are quite short since there is only me.
Tomorrow and Sunday I plan to see several movies. "Inception", which wasn't on my list, but my son Myke called to say I really should see it, so I will. My  movies to see list as of yesterday includes, "The Kids are Alright","Love, Eat, Pray", despite it is not getting good reviews. And oh..." The Other Guys". I put "How to Train Your Dragon" on the back burner for so long that it is now at the $1.00 movie theater on the other side of the street. The $1.00 movie is still within walking distance. After all this time and me reporting about where I live, I guess you are asking, "What isn't in walking distance?"
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Penny said...

Glory be, look at those beauties. You have accomplished alot of the quilting. We are having the same very hot weather here in the north too. Don't remember having my A/C on so much in recent years. The leaves are starting to turn red and orange so fall is just around the corner. Now, that is sad.

Carol said...

WOW!!! I'm just speechless. The morning glories are just out of this world, and the quilting magnificent. Are you going to paint the background?
Well, speaking about the weather I do not envy you at all. The weather here in S.D. has been just wonderful. We have not had air on this whole summer, and the nights we sleep under one of my quilts with the windows open and sometimes have to close them. I'm loving it.