Friday, February 18, 2011

I have returned to Blogggersville

having been away from almost three weeks. But like always there are reasons and thankfully because I blog there is also a story.  Why else would there be a reason for me to be sitting here. If not for a story there would be no reason for me to have this blog.  As some of you know I was trying to organize a retreat for the Orlando area, but for what ever reason there was not enough interest for me to justify the cost of hosting the retreat at a hotel. So instead I invited/accepted four students from those who inquired.
and scheduled a three day workshop instead for them in Apartment 434. Having an in-studio class or in my case in/home/studio space required first that I condense what was in my living space to accommodate four - 4' table and 4 chairs. The condensing was way easier than locating four suitable tables mainly because I do not have a lot of stuff to condense in the first place.   But suitable tables were not an easy thing to come by I found out.  But luckily three days before my students were to arrive I found  just what I wanted.  4ft x 30" wide tables with folding legs.  They were listed on Craig's list. And boy did I get a deal!!!!. Through the major office supply stores, similar but narrower tables were selling for + $59.00, but at a used rental furniture and used office supply store they were $12.99 plus tax. They were nearly new.   I went to buy four and brought five.  Only one was slightly damaged on the top, but with no more visible use than what could have happened at my place after let's say a month of use.  So as you see one table was raised on bed risers for the cutting surface.
Pictured below are images from the three days.  On the right is Jean from Chicago.  On the left Francine also from Chicago. Also pictured is Mary Ann from Winter Garden, FL. Sue lives in the Villages, a little over an hour away from me but is not pictured at her request, however the flowers she painted is pictured in the lower left bottom row in the top collage.
I served lunch on Tues and Wed.  On Thurs. we walked down the hill to the lake and had lunch on the patio of Cafe Merino. For all of you in the cold of the north, it was very nice day to be outside. Mary Ann and Sue drove home each night, but Jean and Francine stayed at the Embassy Suite; a short walk away. Having not been inside the hotel before I suggested they stay there, I was happy to know that they found it to be a good place to stay despite the fact their room did not overlook the lake. . But as I gathered from Jean, and I am not quoting her word for word. but it was something like, "What can be so wrong if all you do is sleep and shower there."
It really was nice having all four of the ladies here. Because of Jean and Francine, I got to eat out at a few of my favorite places without having to eat alone. We had dinner at TooJays a neighborhood eatery on Monday night mainly because it was Valentines Day and all of the major eating places like the Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill had waiting lines spilling outside their doors. But for a second choice place to eat the food was very good. On Tuesday we walked less than a block to my favorite Thai restaurant. On Thursday, we finally got back to the Olive Garden. No waiting line.  I tried their gluten free pasta and was not impressed.
This morning I picked Jean and Francine up at the hotel. We all had a sleep in morning.  ahhhh.....  After a late breakfast at Mimi's Cafe I took them to the airport.
So here I sit.  I think I can get back to my usual life. The tables have been folded up but not taken to my little storage room, which is down the hallway and around the corner.  There were none closer to my front door when I requested one.  But that will be tomorrow's chore. My sewing table and the table I raised for cutting is piled high with stuff that needed to be put back in its proper place.   
The major task for today was to get two quilts rolled, wrapped and ready to be shipped off. One to Paducah for the Lancaster Show and one to Houston for the IQA show in Cincinnati. The it was off to the UPS Store.   

Future teaching:
For those of you in central Florida and have asked for my large flower class. One is scheduled at Queen Anne's Lace Quilt Shop in Kissimmee. So far nine have signed up for it so it will be held. That class due to classroom space is limited to 12, so there are 3 spaces left. It is a 2 session class with the first one scheduled for March 5 and the second session April 2.
I am seriously contemplating  hosting more workshops in Apartment 434. If you are interested in coming to study with me, let me know. I can't guarantee that the sun will be shining  everyday while you are here. But despite cooking not being something I go out of my way to do, I really can put together a pretty good lunch.


5440 Quilters of Virginia said...

Hi Juanita
I want to see pictures. For some reason they didn't come through.


Susan Turney said...

I thought it was just my computer. Now that I can see them, it looks like a perfect spot to have the classes!!!! Those woman are so lucky and I'll bet they had so much fun! I hope they send pics of their finished work.