Friday, February 25, 2011

Next time, I'll know

As I was sitting on the balcony yesterday afternoon, reading the last pages of the book I started several days ago I noticed that people were beginning to gather on the 7th level of the parking structure.  As more and more came and all looking eastward I began to wonder what they were looking at.  A fire? or something happening like a hot air balloon launch in the nearby Mall?
Then several of those gathered on the roof began to point and take pictures.  What?  What?  What are you looking at?  I wanted to ask.   Now I wished I had when my ears became attuned to the voice on the television I had left on in the living room was saying quite gleefully "The shuttle has launched"
Yes.  Dang it.
I had planned to drive over to the Cape to see this launch, but a post quilt show meeting was planned for Thursday morning and I felt I needed to attend it and make my report in person.  As soon as I got home  my grandson needed the car to pick up a "going into the Navy too friend" at the airport so off he went.  Sharing a car is not always convenient thing.
I have wanted to see a shuttle launch for a very long time.  A launch had been on my must do list and moved up to near the top once I moved to Florida.  But once I was here it seemed  every time I made plans to do so,  they would cancel the launch due to bad weather or mechanical problems.  If the countdown is on hold; which it often is and if and when the countdown restart sadly,  I am too far away to just hop in the car and go.
But now I know that on a clear day, from the seventh floor of the garage I can see for miles and miles and miles and possibly see the next launch without having to do more than walk down the hall to the elevator, ride up and get off on the seventh floor.  I know it want be like up close and in person, but at a distance is better than never seeing it live.
And another thing.  Justin told me when he got home that he and his friend were  sitting in the Ale House eating some wings, when the launch happened and all they had to do was walk outside and look up and eastward and saw it. "Dang!!!!"

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