Friday, February 25, 2011

Okay. Now I can call it a day.

My time table to get this piece and the previously quilt  I posted an image of that will be used as samples for the class I am teaching in the Cincinnati area in April compeleted was today. I'm not on target however. While I have completed the quilting, blocking and squaring there are still facing, sleeves and labels to do. Because of their size I should without feeling pressed finish all that by days end on Saturday.  Failing that  there is still hours to use on Sunday.
I need deadlines. Self imposed  ones however tend to have some "fudge time" factored in.... but not too much.
So my drop dead deadline was to have them competed and in the mail by Monday along with my signed teaching contract.
So with this much done, I am off to bed.
Oh...... There is a fiber exhibit at the Gateway Center in Debary, FL.  The exhibit  opened on Monday or Tuesday of this week and runs through March, maybe into April, but I think if there is no threat of rain tomorrow I will take some time to run up the road to see it.  There are 61 pieces done by both national and international fiber artist.  I have no names to list for you but if cameras are allowed  I will show you what caught my eye and held my interest.
I put a spare battery in the charger so I will be ready to go early; weather permitting.
Now off to bed with the latest issue of the SAQA Journal
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Karoda said...

woohoo! road trip for fiber art...nothing could be better other than me riding shotgun with you! :)

Also, yesterday online I came across a photographer who shoots closeups of flowers...his name is Ron van Dongen and he has several books published of his work.