Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five pieces, really little to much bigger and all done with yellow

     So you would have a sense of scale I grouped all the pieces  together on the design wall that I have completed since the first of the month. 
     The block, upper left top is  done on a paper foundation and will, to finish at 6-1/2".  I made it to be part of a quilt the Friday group is making for a member as a goodbye gift because she is moving to Kentucky to be closer to family.   
      The smallest piece is an artist card.  One of 10 I made to exchange with the members of the group I meet with every other month on the third Wednesday at Panera for dinner, chatting and show and tell.
      The other small piece was used to demo how I face my quilts.   When I got home from Coral Springs I couldn't leave it unfinished... done.  That small piece and my artist card are painted on a piece of my hand dyed cotton.  I  liked the orange and yellow combo so well that I thought I try making something a little larger, again using my hand dyed cotton.  For those pieces pieces I did not pre soak the fabric in soy milk, I simply used the soy milk to dilute the water color paint.  Because I wasn't sure how well this would hold up I painted over the flowers and the stem with a diluted coat of Golden GAC 900 Fabric Painting Medium which did not change the hand of the fabric or the quilting.
     Oh, the tray dying I did a few days ago came out okay.  Five of the ten pieces I had to over dyed because there was way too much white spaces left when it was washed out.
     I will be vending at several quilt show in Florida.  The first one of which will be in a couple of weeks.  The last one I committed to is in March of next year. I am going to be a little busy until then with a few teaching engagements schedule during the same time frame as well, so at every opportunity I will be making some work , replenishing my inventory of quilts .  Here is a look at the  largest piece I did this week.  Just finished quilting, blocking and cropping it this evening.  Will get to the facing tomorrow and save the sleeves for hand work to do when I go to my Friday group.   It seems the sleeves go on a little faster when I am engaged in conversation with others and not home alone humming to myself.

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Susan Turney said...

Gorgeous! I love the little stamens (?) on the largest yellow one and of course the large one is amazing! Your quilting is so distinctive and I love looking at it. I would think the long narrow one would be a very desirable size if a buyer didn't have a lot of space.
I'm always happy to see a new post!