Sunday, October 20, 2013

Five pieces

that average about 10-13" x 19-21".  I started out testing different colors for a larger piece I have planned, so I guess you could say they are  practice pieces or color studies in prep for that  larger piece .  The line drawing is done and waiting, but I need to soak and dry a length of silk first.  It is 82 degrees with a little breeze, so drying time should be rather short. 
These pieces need facing and sleeves, but first  I think I will do  dye some fabric today.  The sky is a little overcast as well  so working in the garage should not be that uncomfortable.

Only three of the ladies in the Art group I meet with on the third Wednesday of even months had their artist card completed  and three of them were not present so I will wait until our next meeting in December to assemble them and show them to you. 


Denise Bevard said...

very pretty

Laura said...

These are gorgeous, I especially love the purple one. Do you use regular acrylic paints, or fabric paints, or are these all done with dyed fabrics!