Thursday, October 24, 2013

I did not like this piece as it was

with the corded edge finish so I looked for an option and found it with this piece of fabric that I quilted then stitched the small piece to.  My original thought when it was done that it would serve as a class sample and I still think that that will most likely still be its fate.  The pink in the fabric looks a little jarring, but in person not so.  The other four were faced.  Every one has a sleeve put need labels. Since I finished all of the hand work yesterday and today I not sure what I will take to tomorrow to work on during the Friday group meeting.  I'll take my thimble just in case someone wants some help with some handwork, like binding. 

The iron that steams like crazy is a Euro Steam, got it at a quilt show about two years ago. 

The Soy milk made from scratch from dry soy beans does not smell, well it does in a way.  It smells somewhat like fresh mowed grass but once the silk is soaked and air dried  the smell goes away.  The smell comes back when the dried fabric is ironed but over a period of a couple of weeks it dissipates entirely.  Or it might be that my nose gets used to the smell..  Once the painting is dry you do not wash the top which is why I like using this technique so much.  Paint, press, sandwich and quilt.


Susan Turney said...

I LOVE this one! I think others will, too. It'll be interesting to see the comments!

Laura said...

I love your quilt, can't believe you weren't happy with it "as is". I googled using soy milk and found some good information on Paula Burch's website, I hadn't ever heard of it so I found it very odd when I first heard it!