Sunday, February 14, 2016

I continue to take a picture of the sky

each morning as I enter my studio space for the day.  For the last eight days the sky has been, for the most part. sunny.   It has been a  little nippy here in Central Florida, but I am not complaining when so many others are getting snow and really cold weather.
Why you ask are you showing three lite candles?    Well... last December on the 10 I think  I went to the Dollar store and brought 12 of thm for $1 each and some really cheap AA batteries.  I put them in the  windows thinking that would be the extent of my making merry.  Then as I told you my neighbor offered to hang lights from the roof for me.  .I put a wreath on the front door and called it done. 
As  I put the candles in the windows I thought I'd be lucky if they lasted until Christmas, cheap batteries and all and  then I wondered how many batteries I'd go through if I wanted them to stay lit until New Year' s Day.  I was so glad that  all 12 were still glowing on Three Kings day or Twelfth Night or Epiphany, (Jan5th). 
ey were all still burning bright on January 6 when I took them out of the windows.  But I couldn't bring  myself to turning them off, so here they are, continuing to glow on Valentines Day. .   Now I am wondering if the batteries will last until Easter.

Finished the piece on the left yesterday. Even though the picture doesn't show it, the left one is twice the size as the one on the right.  It is complete with facing and sleeves as I promised myself, 

And I have started on a new piece. ( about 20 x 44 inches )    Sorry about the poor lightening.  I took this picture at the end of the day yesterday as I was turning off the light in my studio space for the day.  Will give a better look see in my next post.
Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day.  

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