Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I finished the piece that I was working on

when last I posted.  Here a look see.  And yes the facing is on as well as the sleeves.

It measures about 30 x 42

Everything I've  painted  is  quilted except the one large piece  on the easel  so  I went back to it on Saturday and finished painting it along with painting three smaller pieces.  Not knowing which piece I would quilt first I painted all of the small pieces so they would fit the 12 x 12 inch requirements for the SAQA Auction.   There is lot of stuff SAQA does that I don't participate in but I like doing this.  I guess maybe because both times I have done so in the past the pieces sold, which makes me feel good.  They are not due until April, but I wanted to get it off of my to-do list.

Here is a look at the three little pieces.
They are of a image I have used before so other than painting them in different for me colors they were quick and easy. I started quilting one today after lunch and got it done by the end of my studio  day. 

I tried out a new to me way of finishing the edge and back of this piece that required no hand work, not even for the sleeve.  To do this, the piece was quilted without the backing fabric.  I was zooming along then clunk, clunk, clunk, which I ignored and did it twice more before I stopped and investigated why my stitches were off.
I have sewn my needle threader to the back of a quilts before, and each time I've cursed and vowed never again but as you see I did it again.

I was down to less than a yard of the wool/rayon blend felt I use in my work so a trip to Joann with a 50% off coupon was what I did first thing this morning.  Got there and luckily it was not on sale already, but my goodness the cost is sky rocketing.  I know, I know the cost of all things quilt related is increasing.
Not sure if I will finish the two other small pieces or start on this larger piece tomorrow.  These long stemmed poppy like flowers are my favorites.  I always enjoy painting them and quilting them.
My Christmas Cactus is blooming like crazy.  What joy.


Ellen Lindner said...

Lovely, as always!

Laura McGrath said...

Do you use the wool/rayon blend as batting? It's really funny that you've sewn your threader into the back of your quilt, sorry if that made me laugh. Don't have one of those but I've sewn other things by mistake! Love your pieces, they always look beautiful.