Saturday, February 06, 2016

I've had a favorite quote

about how to end a day for many years.  I found it on the Wall Words website and had it on the wall where I lived in Louisville.  I had them make me another one for my bedroom wall in Columbia, MO but never used it because the wall had a flat paint finish on them.  I brought the wall quote with me and affixed it to a wall in my apartment when I moved to FL  I am thinking of ordering it again now that my wall here in the condo are painted with an egg shell finish instead of the flat that was here originally.  Here is the quote.

"Finish the day and be done with it.  Tomorrow is a new day, begin it well." Emerson.
Today I found a quote I like that speaks to a day's beginning. 
"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." J. B. Priestley
Now I am really tempted to place an order for both.

    This quote about  new day  spoke to my heart.  From the first days of the year I've  made a conscious effort to look at the sky.  Take note of what I can see of it through each of my three little east facing  windows in my studio space.  The middle one with the palm tree to the lower left allows me the best view of the sky.  The movement of the palm or lack thereof tells me if there is a breezy or not.  Because of this view I have begun to take a picture each day as I begin my studio day.  Here are the last six days.
   As I have said before the weather influences my mood and my level of creatively on a given day.  I  have written about that on this blog.  What I have not acknowledged is the fact that  my  tendency to be a  hermit is  more pronounced on sunny days.  You would think it would be the reverse, but I really don't want to leave home, run errands and lose time when the light is good.  I paint on sunny days.  I quilt on bright days when it is a little overcast and I have to stop as the day light fails..  I do hand work, facings and sleeves on days like today when it is raining while sitting close to my lamps with daylight bulbs and try to find something interesting on TV.  What would a sewer's  life be without Ott light bulbs and other daylight lamps.
Here is the pile of small pieces I have made for my vendor booth that still  need sleeves.  Two more larger ones are also waiting.  I am vending at  a quilt show in Venice, FL in March.  The only one on my schedule this year. 

      Like everywhere else in the world, the day can start off really sunny and full of promise  only for the sky to cloud over and pour rain.  So I set aside the painting and the quilting and started sewing on sleeves.


    You noticed the un-sewer did you... yes I have more than a few stiches that need undoing.. (blasted top tension) but on another day.  That chore, un-sewing white on white is best done with good light.
**** To my friend Karen.  I guess you could say my whole condo is sort of my studio, as more and more of my footage is being used for my art.
Part of the garage is used as wet studio space.  That was set up shortly after I moved in, but best used this time of year until about May, then put on hold until October.   The pantry in the kitchen holds my dye and dying supplies that  which isn't in the garage. Of course I use the kitchen to make my soy milk and I store it in the refrigerator.  And I have been known to keep soy milk soaked silk in the refrigerator too when I can't get all I've soaked  hung up and dried in one day. 
     The  Front bedroom, is now used for painting, squaring up larger works and for my not nearly as large as my previous fabric stashes have been.  Especially the one when I lived in MO.    The rolls of batting live  in the Murphy bed bedroom closet along with a still in the box,  yet to be assembled,  easel until I have a guest who needs the space for its intended purpose, then the batting gets moved to my bedroom closet. 
     The living room, dining room combo, is my primary studio space, but it is also used for  sitting, TV watching,  office/and desktop computer use.
     I had to laugh at your comment, two days ago  I was serious thinking of setting up two fold up leg tables on bed risers  in the middle of the third bedroom, the one with the Murphy bed so I would have a space I didn't have to clear off before sandwiching a piece.  Instead, now that the weather is not too hot and humid, being in the garage is not uncomfortable, so I opted to set up the two table out there for now.  After all my car (a mini cooper) doesn't need nearly half of the space available out there.



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