Sunday, January 31, 2016

For the first 2-1/2 years I've lived here

I didn't do a lot of looking out the window that faces the street on which I live.  For one, very briefly my daughter Lyn used the room as her bedroom.  Then shortly after, Josh the oldest grandson moved into the space. 
     When he left almost 9 months ago ( doesn't seem that long) I didn't know what to do with the space. After a few months I finally decided that I should move some of the stuff out of my "real" studio space which looks out through sliding glass door to the back yard and wet land/green space beyond and expand into this, then empty room.  For a time I used it as sort of storage closet.  And I used the table with adjustable height legs  for squaring up pieces and assembling kits for the classes I teach.  In the Summer with the curtains pulled back and the blinds open the room  can be too bright and too warm even with air conditioning and the ceiling fan going at top speed.
     But this winter my use of the room has increased and I find it really is a good place to paint, especially when painting large and  using an easel.  Yesterday,  taking advantage of the sunshine,  I got a lot of painting done.  Three pieces. Not back for a days work.
From the windows  today the sky is overcast as seen through one of my three little windows above my design wall area.,

When I was in the painting room (front room-studio annex) I noticed there was a lot of activity in the street.  Kids were playing, couples were strolling, a dog walker passed by and thankfully picked up his pets poop, there was a lady jogger,,,,, and then came a bird. 
     For that, I had to grab my camera. 

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Karen Davis said...

Do you have a whole house studio? That would be fabulous...each room containing some aspect of one's out stretched creativity.