Saturday, January 30, 2016

Over the last three days the view through my window has changed for

the better.

It rained all day.  YUK.
The sun came out but I didn't paint, instead a friend called early in the day before I got started wanting to drop by and she did, then we went out to lunch.  So I began quilting on the purple flowers I posted images of in my last post.  My friend Lynn hadn't been to Fred, my new favorite place to eat when I want something hot and tastes like a southern  Mom was in the kitchen cooking a Sunday after church meal.  When I returned home with the shortened length of good day light being limited I opted to .continue quilting.
The sun is shining again.  O joy.  I finished quilting, blocked and squared up the purple flower piece.
Love when a piece is small enough to use these right angles.  Makes the task of squaring so much easier.
Here is the piece ready to be faced.  Currently measuring 14" x 21".  Will lose and inch in both width and length when it is faced. 
It is already past noon but I am going to see how much painting I can get done before Rene comes to pick me up around 4:30.  Going shopping again with Sis-n-law and out to dinner.  What do you want to bet that she will want to do Fred's. 
Oh well collard greens and fried green tomatoes two days in a row isn't a bad thing. 

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