Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rain, rain, go away

has been my mantra for several days.  I need good light and sunshine to work at my easel, which is where I paint anything larger than 20" x 30".  Usually the light in this room, that looks out on the street facing west is really bright.  But not today.

     I finished quilting and facing these two small pieces I painted.

 Today, wanting... no needing to paint something larger than 8 x 10 inches I decided I would gather as many of my table lamps and a shop light and create my own sunshine.  Could only generate enough light to paint a 15" x 20"  piece which I can quilt tomorrow if the sun continues to be a no show here in central Florida.

     Went out early in the day to the Post Office up the road to  mail the small quilt to SAQA and then to the marker to  pick up a few things. 
It was in the mid 60's rainy, a good day for soup, so I made white bean and spinach soup for lunch which hit the spot on this dreary day.  There's enough left for dinner. 


This is what I painted today.  Not great lighting in the studio space at 6PM even with the ceiling pot lights on.  I will give you a better look see tomorrow when there is daylight, hopefully sunny daylight.

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