Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I don't as a rule put in studio time on Sundays

But this past  Sunday I did after I couldn't settle into a book I had started reading way back last November.  So what the heck I said and started cutting strips to face the smallest of the three pieces that have been pinned to the design wall for a bit waiting for me to get around to facing them.  I really did not want to put them away without facing them  before I started something new.  Now they are put away. 
    Put away does not mean complete, as in done, finished,  because they aren't,.  All three  still need sleeves and labels as does at least 12 other pieces in my closet do. I really don't mind doing facings, but sleeves are something else.   Sewing a sleeve on is not one of my favorite things to do as you know and in most cases, sleeves don't get put on until a piece has a place to go or I am really, really bored.
     Sunday I finished the smallest piece and got started on one of the two larger ones.  Then on Monday I finished what I had started on the second piece  and the third one was completed  before bedtime. 
     Maybe an empty design wall coaxed my Muse to return and by Monday night creative energy zinged  and  ideas buzzed and I went in searched of upcoming quilt show dates and contest entry deadlines instead of calling it a day and going to bed.  Of all the shows with contest out there I settled on making  something or some things for Houston.  Time permitting. 
      With those deadlines in my head, today, I started working on line drawings for several new paintings.  Before lunch today  I enlarged and printed out four line drawings I am excited about painting.
     The line drawing  come from my printer on regular letter size paper which means I have to trim and glue them together.  Not hard work just necessary and time consuming.  A task that goes faster if listening to a book on tape or you are singing loud and off tune to some of your favorite songs.     I got one line drawing glued together  for a piece that measures 30" x 40.  That one got  traced on a piece of silk and pinned to my largest paint surface.  By then the sun was going down and there wasn't enough light to paint by.  So I hope I am  able to get start painting on it tomorrow.  Today the sunlight was great here in Central Florida,  ideal for painting,  Tomorrow it is suppose to rain,
    I was not ready to call an end to my studio day at 5:30  so I turned on all the lights in the studio and decided to paint two small pieces before dinner.  So if the sun doen't shine tomorrow I guess I will quilt these two really  small 9" x 18" pieces instead. 

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