Thursday, June 09, 2016

Just finished

quilting and adding the acrylic center details of this small piece (15" x 20").  Still needs facing and sleeve.    I painted this while I was in Virginia at the Girl Friends Retreat.  For the last few days I have been going through my collection of flower photos looking for my next project.  I have selected a few that I have to enlarge  to full size.   
       I looked through my soy soaked silk stash and found I don't have a piece that fits the size I have in my head to do.  I made a batch of soy milk, tore off a length of silk to soak.   I was going to but didn't put the silk in the basin to  soak and  hang it in the garage to dry, because it started to rain and I didn't want to dodge the rain drops after I backed the car out. 
  But more importantly I'm not all that upset about the rain because I forgot I have a rather large box in my garage and a wooden pallet that is in the way of the clothesline that is stretched across the width of the garage. I can't get to the clothes line if I wanted to, at least not most of it.  Might be a few more days before I can, at least Monday and if all goes worse, Thursday.  The next two times the  trash man comes.    
     The full story of the large box is,  a treadmill was delivered last Thursday and brought into the garage with an motorized  hand  dolly . Rene and  Steve, my very tall, strong  and 30  something y/o neighbor managed to get it into unpacked and into the house last Saturday.  I decided to put it into the front bedroom that I am using for painting and studio supply storage. Thought it would be nice to look out at the street as I walk each morning.  I am determined to walk myself back to the fitness level I had when I first moved here and walked a minimum of three miles each day first thing each morning.
      Rene, my daughter who  is quite handy began putting it together and Justin the grandson came to finish the job on Sunday evening.  But once he did, it did not work.  I called the manufacture, left a message about my issue  and they determined when they called me back on Monday morning that I needed a new part.  That part arrived today.  Not sure when the service tech, they promised would call me and come to install what looks to me like a Motherboard, will do that.  Waiting for the call.  In the meantime, I'll work on enlarging some images and maybe work on something smaller.

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Susan Turney said...

So happy to see a post. I love this new wallhanging and look forward to your new project!