Sunday, June 18, 2006


As I said, I came back to Louisville from Columbia and found my middle grandson, age 18 was there smiling with a look not unlike his grandad, dimpled cheeks and all and so was the cutest little 5 week old black and white puppy you have ever seen.
I was not happy.
And middle grandson was soon not to be happy either.

My kids and grandkids have known this fact from the time they could hold a thought in there heads for more than 1 minute.

Yes I'll own up to the fact that I tend to spoil the grandkids and I think they think they can talk me into anything or accept anything they want to do as long as they say P-L-E-A-S-E.

And there have been times when I have wavered on a decision I've made. But I have NEVER... NOT EVER... NOT ONCE CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT HAVING A D O G.

I wasn't raised with animals and neither were my kids. My youngest daughter would begin to scream and literally climb up my body and into my arms if she saw a dog as far away as a city block let alone one within two feet of her. In which case; I've wondered more than once, how Rene' could climbed up my entire body, to sit on my shoulder, and wrap her arms around my head in a death grip, so fast.

I helped my mother care for my three younger brothers. Carried one of them around with me everywhere I went from morning to night the summer I was 15 like he was a PET. When I had four children of my own, I had no need for or a desire for a pet of the four leg variety.

Justin, because I love him thought he could outlast my no no no no no's.
Justin also wanted a CAR. Now mind you he works 4 hours a day and needs transportation and to keep him out of my Jeep, a car for him was a necessary yes. But the dog was not and the dog had to go.

"But I've paid to get him de-flea-ed." "NO!"
"But I've brought food and a feeding bowl and.." "NO"
"But I got him for free." "NO!"
"But I will be moving out of here and in with two friends in a month." "NO"
"But I've always wanted a dog." "NO."
"But if I give him back he will die, because my friend can not afford to keep another dog." "NO."
"But.." "No."

Now you might think I am being mean about the dog, but I don't do dogs remember and I knew I would be the one who would have to take the dog out during the night. Justin works at night and like all teenage boys he likes to party on the weekend and I knew he wouldn't stay home to care for or train a dog. I knew I would be the one to walk and feed it HIS DOG, because Justin doesn't come home and get into bed until the sun is rising most days and he sleeps like someone without a care in the world until the last afternoon. Believe me when Justin goes to sleep he would forget he had a dog. Yes it would be walking the dog and picking up POOP because we have a Pooper Scooper Law in our community. No, no no not me!!!!

So it came down to the C-A-R or the D-O-G. Guess what W-O-N. It wasn't the D-O-G.


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Too funny! I don't do dogs either.

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