Sunday, June 25, 2006

What happening with me

I don't want to say, NOT MUCH, but that's how I feel because I have not sat down at my sewing machine for weeks. I have not looked seriously at a piece of fabric thinking, Now what do you want to be and listen for the answer. I did on Friday teach a 1 day version of my Quilted Collage workshop. Although 15 signed up only 9 showed up. I didn't mind, it allowed each student to have more individual instruction time.

I wish I could show you what they created, but my daughter borrowed my digital camera for her weekend trip with her Girl Scouts. I really feel lost without it. I hope some of the students send me images of their projects when they get home.

Saturday I had a movie date with my friend Kathy A, her daughter Steffie and my newest friend Peggy. We went to see the Lake House. I loved the way the story bounced back and forth from two years in the past to the present with the primise that with knowledge of an events in the future lives can be changed and happy ever afters can bearranged. If you are looking for a light weight movie, light weight in the sense of emotion, adventure, substance but well done go see the Lake House.
The LAke House is not the stuff for which Oscars are awarded, but certainly a good way to spend a few hours on a Summer Saturday afternoon and it was more than an adequate reason for consumming a bag of popcorn.

Here is an update on the house in Columbia. Everyday Lyn calls with something new to report. One thing was her asking me if I remembered the builder saying that they would be installing a surround sound system on the lower level, in the space that will be my studio. I didn't remember that and neither had she, so she really was calling to tell me that the longest wall that I had planned to have 12 feet of design wall space I will no long be able to use. I will have to use the second longest wall space where I had planned to pla comfy chairs, a table and lamps and use aa an in studio hand work sitting area . With plan A no longer possible Plan B is now formulating in the old brain.

Yesterday or rather last nights conversation with her was about her choices of washers and dryers. For 33 plus years my husband worked for General Electric and they were in large part financially responsible for the life I had with my husband and the reason I can still have a life after him. So I am programmed to think GE for all my appliances great and small.

All of the appliances in the new house kitchen are GE no question about that. However Lyn wanting to help me stay loyal looked for a washer and a dryer of the GE variety. She said she could not in all good sense of her own design sense buy a GE, they were just to ordinary.
"The only come in white." , she said.

DUHHHH. Who looks for colored or designer washers and dryers. NOT me, not since since the burnt orange, avacado and pink era of the 60's and 70. Even back then I chose white.

"GE doesn't make them with black trim or stainless steel either to match the kitchen appliance" she reported


I've been there. I like a nice looking laundry room. I'll do what every it takes to fool myself into thinking doing the laundry is a pleasant task. My current laundry room is decorated. So I understood her point of view. But in all the house I've had I've never thought of buying a decorator washer and dryer. I simply wanted then to wash and dry. White I've had and white I still have.

So she has decided on a LP brand or something like that. They have style and after all we will be coming and going through the laundry room and not the front door and she want the laundry room to LOOK nice.

The yard is leveled but not sodded yet.

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