Thursday, June 15, 2006

Up close and the bigger picture

On the way back from the Galley at Smithville we stopped at this overlook since we were 2 hours ahead of schedule getting on the road for home and had more than a few minutes to spare.
Isn't this view wonderful when you take in the distant view. Notice the sign thanking everyone for keeping the Country Clean.

Up close the view at this wonderful sight was a different story. There was trash of every discription including a pair of male jockey shorts.

I've hear the saying that "... knocked me for a loop" or "knocked my socks off." But your shorts.

Our travel plans for the day were based on the last time we hung quilts in Smithville, three - four years ago. Smithville is about 70 miles east of Nashville and they are on Central time. One hour behind us.

Back then, it was a four and one half hour drive from Louisville to Smithville, just as it was today. Last time there was more road construction to deal with. Today wasn't too bad according to Kathy.

I picked Marti up at 6:40 AM, drove us to Kathy's house where I promptly handed her the keys and retired to the back seat to sip on a cup of coffee and go back to sleep since 7:00 AM is NOT MY TIME OF DAY. Occassionally I would rouse to hear Marti and Kathy chatting. It was a comforting sound not unlike listening to a talk show.

Over the past three years of Marti, Kathy and I working together hanging exhibition we have gotten the task down to a science. Marti who my late husband fondly called the Major General had everything under control. We have our own light weight ladders, Marti has her own hammer and level that fit her small hands, we have scissors for stray threads and a masking tape roller to remove pieces of lint and hair. We brought our own nails too, which was a GOD THING since the ones they provided had some kind of black oily coating on them that rubbed off on you fingers. NOT GOOD FOR FABRIC!!!!

It is easier to organize and hang an exhibit when you are familiar with the art work and the artist. As was the case with us this time. We also had the assistance of a young lady named Sarah who is a senior art sudent at the Univeristy of Tennessee, her specialty is jewery making and silversmithing who help speed up the process.

She had young knees and was willing to climb the ladder. If I did not have an allergy to silver I would have been tempted to purchase several of her pieces.

My credit card came home in GREAT SHAPE.

Will try to remember to upload some images of the Art galley and workshop setting.
The art and craft center is not unlike Arrowmont if any of you are familiar with that Art and Craft school in Gattlinbrg, Tennessee.

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