Monday, June 19, 2006

Meeting Peggy... a very good day

Today I met in person someone I had had a 15 minute conversation with on the phone just once.
When she phoned me last week and introduced herself, I knew after the first two sentences out of her mouth that she was going to be someone I would like to know better. She is new to Louisville, having moved her from the Chicago area last winter and was looking for some like minded quilters.

She arrived at my door at 8:50 for our scheduled 9:00AM meeting. I was still in my pj's, no bra and still sporting bed hair. She didn't seem to notice as she entered with a bin full of her in process and finished quilt projects.

She had asked that I give her my opion of her work and tell her where she could use some help. Color? Composition? Or her general overall craftsmanship.

I could tell immediately that she had a good sense of design and a definate preference for a fall/earth color pallet.
She is about 2 years new to quilting but not to sewing. She has sewn most of her life. Like most of us who have a love of sewing she owns more than one machine.
Actually three, two sergers and a long arm. She has also taken many workshops from the teachers on the National circuit. Having come from a large Illinois guild she had the opportunity to do so and took advantage of that fact.

I hope to be her mentor, from afar that is, since I am moving. Computers and digital camera's which we both have are a good thing for long distance communication.

We sat and talked across my dining room table for hours until she took me out to lunch where we lingered over our meal and talked some more in the car when she dropped me off. And no there was never an awkward pause in the conversation or any sign of uncomfortableness from her nor any with me.
It was as if I had known her FOREVER.

I am off tomorrow morning to see her newly built house with a customed quilt built studio on her lower level. Maybe I can get some ideas from her on how to set up my own new space in Columbia.

I am in between two place and I don't have enough of anything in one place to really get into any thing serious or any thing simply playful either. So I have been knitting. Finishing a shrug I have no hope of wearing until late Autumn.

I'll be away all day Friday, teaching a one day workshop for KHQS KY Heriage Quilt Society) I guess I should be getting everything I need for them together in the next two days.

Hope your day was GOOD TOO.

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Karoda said...

Hi Juanita, are you going to be there through Saturday for the Quilt Art KY meeting and workshop? I keep debating whether to drive up Saturday morning for it.