Friday, June 30, 2006

Vegging and enjoying it.

For the last few days I've been taking life easy. Rather more like LAZY. Sleeping late, reading a book. Seeing movies. I saw Superman on Wednesday. It is more of a chick flick than an adventure and to that end I was a little dissapointed. It was also a little slow at the start and ended with possibilities for future Superman movies. I generally do not do chick flicks or comedies. But I say Superman, and the Lake House and today I well see The Devil Wears Prada (sp). Is heaven trying to re-direct my thinking as well as my path?

I've been eating out a lot of late, which has done nothing for me and my efforts toward healthy eating. I've been drinking soda which I haven't done in years and eating hamburgers, french fries and ice cream. No I don't do anything by half measure.
I have enjoyed the mild beginning of the summer and hate that I did not planted summer annuals in the pots on my deck after it got too hot for the pansies. Having flowers in those pots have been so much a part of my spring and summer mornings on my balcony and I miss them. I know it is not too late to plants them now, but after next week I will not have time to tend them, plus I will be leaving them to parish when I move to Columbia.

I made and istalled window treatments in my friend Kathy A's living room yesterday and was trying to make it a surprise. (I have a key to her unit, we all do to each others, just in case.)
I had planned to install then, leaving the house as I'd found it and be on my way . I had planned to call her at work and tell her that I couldn't meet her as we planned until Friday because some (white lie) had come up and when she got home she'd see them.

"Curses, foiled again! ", as the comic villian always says.

Just as I was opening the outside door to Kathy's condo building, my little step stool and hammer in hand, making my get-away, there she was.

"Oh Dang"

She was grinning like the perverbal Chesire cat. She said she knew how I operated and she had actually been looking at her windows everyday since I told her I had found the fabric I was looking for for her windows, expecting to see window treatments there when she got home without me telling her they were done.

My husband used to say he knew me better than anyone.
This Kathy is coming in a close second.

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Mrs. Mel said...

Can we see pictures? I love reading your blog and want to see what it is that you describe.