Saturday, July 01, 2006

What Now!!!

This is how I am beginning to think everytime I hear the voice of my oldest daughter Lyn's on the other end of the phone. Don't get me wrong. I love her to death. But I think this house is going to be the death of us both, just kidding.
I have purchased with my dearly departed several homes and by myself, this condo where I now reside. I have never brought a house while it was in the construction stage or when it was only a thought in the builders mind or a hole in the ground awaiting the planned for foundation.
This house was a far piece along in the construction stage when we found it. Far enough along that we knew what it was going to be like on the inside without having to do too much imagining.
We picked out carpeting, cabinets and appliances, but found we were too late to choose the carpet because it was already being shipped to the installers. We have SHORT SHAG. Been there, done that, and had hoped not to every return to the day. Oh well what done is done. Lyn and I both agreeded to not bemoan it.

This is the lower level stair wall. You are seeing the legs of John, the youngest grandson. Kids his age (15)I am coming to believe are butt heavy and tend to sit at any opportunities and give their opinions from that viewpoint. That day he was in rare form. He only lives because we love him.

Where Lyn is standing is the wet bar area. The wall you see on the right because of the vents will only allow for a short horizontal design space that will most likely have my "Hold that Thought" board attached to it.
The long wall to the left in the the second picture was to be my 12 plus feet long by 8 feet high design wall. That was plan A before the surround sound system complete with speakers and dangling wires was installed that we did not know were getting as well as a security system that we are glad to have even though we did not know about it either. .

The last two picture shows the wall to the left were I had planned to arrange a sitting area and the wall to the right where I would rotate hanging some of my work. The left wall space measure about 10 feet long to the window wall. Which you can see best in the last picture. As part of plan B my design wall space will be in this area now instead of a comfy chair, lamp and TV.

Yesterdays conversation about the house was to inform me that although we had asked for and paid for an upgrade of the carpet padding, the up grade was not installed.
Question #1: Do we accept this and take the $2,000.00 the builder would give us back because the upgrade was not installed or
Question #2: Do we ask that they rip up all the carpeting and put in the better padding we wanted thus making them also have to replace a lot of the carpeting because with the extra thickness of the padding the carpet will no longer fit the spaces it was cut for. Also by asking them to do this it will delay the closing date by about 10-14 days.


Lyn said she was in the house walking around with the house inspector for over three hours the other day and her legs and feet began to hurt. This is what prompted her to ask about the grade of padding that was installed. The builder might not have told us that they had used a lesser grade had she not mentioned to the agent that her legs and feet were hurting. She said, she was mostly on the lower level where I would be making my LIFE and she knew if she had problems I was sure to have them, maybe even worse because she knew I would be walking back and forth and standing a lot on somewhat of a daily bases.

What to do? After consulting friends and friends who are almost family we decided to have them rip out the carpet and install the better grade of padding we wanted and paid for. I wasn't planning to move until after the symposium was over on the 14 of July anyway. So it is beginning to look like my first of August date for moving was really in line with what is going on with the house.

Lyn hasn't called me TODAY, but it is still early.


Karoda said...

Six months from now you'll be enjoying your new studio space and this will all be a vague memory :)

ginger said...

just yesterday I ran across a journal I kept during the building of our I glanced through it I read such anger and sorrow...there was such constant almost daily screw ups...I hope never to have to go through that process again...I think it is the utter helplessness of relying on people who are either stupid...or cheating you ...I don't know...but I love my house and I won't leave till they make me!!! Hang in there you will too...I am glad you decided to change the padding...good choice...Ginger
ps the house looks beautiful

Sandra said...

Juanita, I think you made the right choice in having them rip up the carpet and replace the pad and I am sure you will be happy that you did in the future. I recently had new carpet installed and the fella that did the work stated that the secret to the wearability of carpet is all in the pad. Best of luck on making progress toward the house completion.

Leslie Addicks said...

Hey Juanita -
Guess who this is?? Yes - a past student of yours - Leslie A.
How is life lately? Just about to move into a new house?
I am still quilting. Just returned from the Vermont Quilt Festival.
If you want to get in touch, e-mail me on the blog!

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