Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The weekend that was part two

It is Wednesday and I am still trying to get me through last weekend.
Here is Margaret at her ordaination on Saturday. She is the one on the left with shoulder length grey hair and the bright smile.

Sunday Day Two

Marti and I got up and again got an early for me start on the day. After checking out of the hotel we went in search of breakfast, one that was more healthy than the one being offered in the Lobby of the Days Inn. We settled for the Cracker Barrel. I wonder how they stay in business dispite most often being located at exit of interstate highways, locating then once you loose site of the sign is darn near impossible. At least this one in Staunton was. We had to go to the Red Roof Inn to ask how to get to the Cracker Barrel. "Take a right out of our parking lot, go to the second light, make a right it, it is the second business on the street." And so it was, hidden from sight until you were nearly on the rocking chair filled front porch, hidden behind the Econo-Inn. I think it was an Econo-Inn.
Tummies full we then went in search of the church. What a treat.

The church sat near the top of a hill outside the city limits of Staunton. As with most country type church established in the 1800's there was a well maintained cemetary ajoining it. I am not one to stroll through a cementary for the fun of it. But this day was different. The sun was out, the sky with a few clouds floating lazily across it with a gentle breeze made exploring this one seem RIGHT. There was a lot of history there. Gravesites with dates going back to before the Cilvil War, documenting the settlement of the area with names that matched present day streets in the area surrounding the church. From atop the hill you had a 360 degree view of the valley. The perfect image one has of well kept old farms dotted with white farm houses and barns, perfect.

It was a great Sunday. Margaret lead her first service as the Pastor of the church. There was a typical Sunday Church Supper in the fellowship hall following the service which preceeded her official instillation as the Paster of the Church at 2PM. After which all were invited to a dessert reception. After a short debate among ourselves and personal soul searching about the sinful consumption of calories both Marti and I didn't need. We skipped the cakes and cookies and made our way toward home.

It was near midnght when my head got reaquainted with my favorite pillow. ZZZZZZZZ


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