Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Packing, packing, packing.

The symposium is done and there are no more excuses that I can come up with to not start PACKING. When I made the move to the condo a little over 5 years ago I did a lot of weeding out of STUFF before hand. Most everything that I have added to the condo was stuff collected to fill a specific space or need once I had moved in.
While the house I am moving to is larger it is configured differently and I also plan to have a different life there than I have here as well. As I visualize the house and me living there I am seeing there is a lot of stuff that should not make the move with me. But I have not reconciled myself to the fact that I will need to let go of some of the STUFF I have acquired. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? I can justify taking it because there will be more space to store unused stuff, but do I want to pay the cost of moving it. Do I want to take the time to pack it. Plus while I have lots of stuff, I do not believe in having stuff for the sake of simply having it. Do I simply give the stuff away to a good homes that the Goodwill will find for it or should I have a moving out sale.

While I ponder this problem, I will be packing, packing, packing. Will be back to blog when I get done to show you the piles of boxes that will be surrounding me.


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