Saturday, July 08, 2006

Under way and away we went

It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun and fun was what one and all told me they had today. My turn at teaching comes on Monday. Today I simply sat in on the classes of both Marti and Valerie and assisted when needed.
This year there are 18 -20 people per day which makes for a nice class. Everyone has their own table space and plenty of walking around room.

There are 3 pods as my daughter calls them on one side of the room with four pods on the other. The teaching station is in the center which has enough room for all to gather around for demostrations.

One of the reason I love my daughter is because she and John drove over from Columbia on Friday just to help me get everyone checked in this morning and make sure they had everything they needed even to the point of going to Starbucks for me, her mother who thought, she was going to have to forego her favorite brew today.

Here are some candid shots of the room with and without partipants.
The orange square hold all of the supplies each student needed for the symposium, pre-packaged with everything each instructor wants the student to have to participate fully in each session.
Where there are quilters there is always food. One of the reasons I like using the Marriott in East Louisville, is the great chief they have. No matter what I choose on the menu it is always very, very good. Today after a fried chicken salad we had the most sinful Key Lime cheese cake.

Mrs. Mel's tell Dave to eat his heart out. Look at these beauties!! They were parked at the hotel were the symposium is being held


Karoda said...

I saw those when I left last night and just had to go meddle...they will be there all week...Prowler made by Chrysler!

Elle said...

My sister in law won one of these Prowlers (a purple one) in a radio contest a few years ago. She had to sell it. totally impractical for the DC area

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