Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fly on the wall chapter two

Here you see Bennie standing in front of Sandra's strip piecing exercise and you can also see the strip piecing exercise of Michelle on the right

This is one of the early day images, Peggy of Louisville in the background and Valarie White in the foreground. See how orderly the place still looks unlike the next shot.
Winifred in the background, a blurred image of Valerie, Michelle of MA, Karoda and Sandra all working hard.

Bennie of DC looking over the shoulder of Cheryl as she is quilting her completed strip exercise. In the background you see Marti Plager helping Lystra with a construction problem. Foreground is Romolda of NY hard at work.
Sunday evening with Joanne Weis,fiber artist, this Sunday evening she was here to speak about her approach to surface design. When all were gathered around the table, she was bombarded with questions almost faster than she could answer them because her work is spectacular. Sorry there are no images of her work. She also demonstrated how she stretches her fiber art work on stretcher bars with a professional finish. When you are fully engaged in what is being said your camera is the last thing you are thinking about. Joanne is one of the six member River City Fiber Artist Group; Kathleen Kathy) Loomis, Valarie White, Marti Plager and I along with Pat Darif make up the six. I never tire of hearing Joanne explain her work and the sources she draws on for inspiration.

Kathy L of Louisville conversing with Valarie White
Here you also see the back of Cynthia.


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