Wednesday, October 11, 2006


wait to show you the pair of socks I finished.
Can not wait to show you the quilt I finished.
Can not wait to show you the fabric I recieved from a friend as a tit for tat gift because she adopted a dozen sets or so of double pointed needles that I no longer needed or wanted once I'd taught myself how to knit socks with one circular needle. Knitting in the round with one circular need is WAY EASIER than dealing with 4 or 5 double pointed needles; which if I have to say so myself, I was very good at using.
Can not wait to show you how far I have progressed on my next pair of socks. Can not wait to show the yarn I brought for more socks.
Can not wait to show you the progress on my newest quilt project. Let me assure all of you who was having a moment of concern wondering if I have given up quilts for socks, have no fear. NEVER!!!!
Can not wait to do a lot of things that have to do with first taking digital images of things, people and places I want to share with others.
I have been looking on-line for the best price for a new camera that has the features I want and not have too many more than I care to learn how to use.
I spent several weeks looking before buying the camera my dear daughter lost. And this is the last time I say this because I love her and she is far more important to me than a THING.

I am driving back to Bowling Green, Kentucky on Friday to teach a class at the Western Kentucky University Museum on Saturday. From Louisville to Bowling Green is an easy shot down Interstate 65. Taking barely more time than it takes to drink a large cup of coffee. Bowling Green is a long trip for a one day class, but I had agreed to teach the class long before I had made up my mind to move to Missouri.

I'll make the 6 hour drive home on Saturday after the class is over at 3:30 only to be home for 3 day before returning to Louisville on Wednesday to help jury from slides an up coming art-quilt exhibit.

While in Louisville, I hope I have time to make a trip to the Jewish Community Center's Gallery where I have three pieces on exhibit until the end of November. I I do that and have a camera, I'll share them with you too.

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Sabasi said...

Hey Juanita,

I also cannot wait to see your finished socks, quilt, and other happenins in your life! We will just be patient until you get your new digital camera. It sounds like you are as busy as ever so enjoy your trips and please be back in touch with your listening audience real soon.