Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm back in the saddle again

toting my new digital camera.
My oldest grandson accompanied me back to Kentucky on Friday. We shared the driving which made the trip no seem as long since I got to knit a sock for 250 miles of the trip. Had dinner with my friend Kathie when I got to Louisville and got caught up on what she was doing face to face, which is always better than by phone. She only sends me jokes by e-mail. My other friend Kathy was in New England for a son's wedding.
Arrived in Bowling Green about 10:00 PM and was in bed and sleep by 10:20 it had been a long day made longer by returning to the OHIO VALLEY and getting reaquainted with allergies. The sinuses were not happy.
Was late to class eventhough I had left the hotel in PLENTY OF TIME. What is it with cities that try to make getting from point A to point B impossible. All was forgiven. As it was two of my students arrived after I did, having had the same problems. The class was held in the Western Kentucky University Museum. The museum has over 200 quilts in there permanent collection and for the next month are so they are showing about 25 of them that have a floral theme. Although I don't do traditional, I love traditional quilts especially those with floral themes. So at the end of class I took a look at what was on exhibit. Loved the fact that they had placed three quilts on beds. The beds themselves were wonderful antiques also from their collection.
I had a mixed bag of students, mostly ladies of my age. It was wonderful to see them smile at the results they achieved using the techniques I was teaching.

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Karoda said...

Hi Juanita, Deborah and I enjoyed ourselves! This was her first quilting experience. She swears this will be her only quilt but she wants to restart the pattern you provided in fabrics choices she loves over the ones she purchased for the workshop :).

I had the darndest time putting my floor lamp together but finally got it and love it! Peter wants another one for himself. I'll look forward to seeing you during the Form, Not Function exhibit.