Thursday, October 19, 2006

My latest trip: "The fast and the furious".

I was back home from Bowling Green , KY for about 60 hours before I was on my way back to Louisville for a visit that would last less than 48 hours. I checked into my hotel at 8:PM on Tuesday night and was up the next morning by 7:30 AM.

The purpose of my trip back this time was to help jury entries for Form Not Function 2007, the third annual art quilt exhibit at the "Carnegie" which is short speak for a longer title; The Carnegie Center for Art and History, which is located in an old Carnegie Built Library building in New Albany, Indiana.

This small museum's board and staff has been very supportive of the art quilt and fiber arts community in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Because of that I can not help but do my two cents worth to assist their efforts.

Besides I got to see the Katies(y)'s and my art quilt buddies, Valerie , Kathleen , Marti , Joanne and Pat. Speaking of travel and people just getting back to Louisville, Marti was just back from a tour of Western Europe which included Budapest and Vennia. We got a quick review of her trip over a fast lunch break. Joanne very recently back had taken a tumble while in New England on vacation two weeks ago and came home with a fractured right angle and a fractured left wrist, which prevents her from driving, but not doing administrative work in her office. she was relyiing on her retired husband to be her driver. Valerie too had just gotten off a plane on Tuesday having been in Boston on a business trip with her hubby and then on to New York City for pleasure where they saw the stage production of the Color Purple. Jet lag, pain and other life stress, we six do seem to have busy feet as well as busy hands and busy minds.

I was up at 7:30 on Thursday morning to meet the Kathie(y)'s for breakfast at Bob Evans before they both went off to work. From there I stopped at the Jewish Community Center art gallery to take a look at our (River City Fiber Artist) collective exhibit. As you can see from the images it is not a very large gallery, but the gallery does get a lot of traffic.

As a last stop on my way out of town, I picked up my oldest and soon to be 20 years old, grandson Joshua from his friend's house. I gave him the car keys and plopped myself in the shot gun seat where I proceeded to take a short nap and then knit my way back to Missouri while he drove.

Joshua has inherited his grandfather's driving philosophy. "Can't we just get from point A to point B without all this stopping?" God must have given men bigger bladders than women and selective deafness. I thought this when I was younger and I had to tell my husband four exits before despiration set in that I had to go in order to get to the potty before it was way too late. His excuse, "I didn't hear you." While Josh hates stopping he is NOT DEAF. I am never despirate when we stop.

Here is my right foot in my very first socks and yes there are two of them. .
Pretty good if I have to say so myself.
Here is the start of another pair and what I got done on the way back to Missouri while Josh drove. It is a hand dyed washed wool which I don't seem to be allergic to. The last time I was at Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe here in Columbia
I brought two ballls of Regia, which is a wool, cotton and polymid blend and Wildefoote, a washable wool and nylon.

Here is a half finished sock I started with the Wildfoote wool and nylon blend. When I tried it on I didn't like the length of the leg portion and I will need to FROG it but didn't want to deal with it now. Hence the reason for me starting a sock with the hand dyed wool.

Here are some images from the Jewish Comm. Ctr. Art Gallery.
The Corn pieces were done by Joanne , The two pieces with the irregular bottoms are mine. The one between my two is by Valerie The grey fractured piece is by Marti.

Pat did the images of trees as well as the images that is on the signage at the entry to the gallery. I must admit I AM THE VERY PROUD OWNER OF THIS PIECE.
The pieces in the glass case are by Valarie and Kathleen.

The lighting wasn't really great so some of the shots I took did not come out to well and I am still getting used to the complexities of my new camera.


Karoda said...

I feel in love with Kathy's teabag quilts! They are marvelous!!! My friend, Marilyn, loved the one with the old bells on it.

Anonymous said...

Juanita PLEASE do not forget to purchase the yarn for my socks. ;D It's the hand dye you were working on.Your sock is wonderful...It was good to see you.