Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A friend called today

to see if I was doing OK. She said I hadn't blogged for a few days and was concerned. It made me feel really good to know that someone misses my musings.
If you have miss me too let me say that I had a spell of nothing to say and being someone who tends not to small talk I just did not blog.
Just so you know that I am doing something.
I finished knitting one sock of the pair I started several weeks ago after knit testing several yarns to see if I liked the way they knitting up. I have started on the second one after the joy I felt when I put the finished sock on and found it fit my foot and leg better than any sock I've ever brought.

I went back to the library and got more books on cd and I have designed a new quilt that I haven't started yet. I have been quilting on one of the tops that I left undone last spring. It is now about 3/4 quilted. If I stay up to my usual late hour and can bring myself to stop knitting this top will be finished by this time tomorrow.

It might be some time before there are images on my blog spot again. Why you ask?

I lent my digital camera to my daughter Lyn for her business trip to California with the admonishment of "don't lose it." Guess what? IN LESS THAN TWENTY FOUR HOURS SHE LOST IT. Boooo hoooo!!!!

A thought for what it is worth all because I went today to get a Missouri drivers license and find out how to get my car tagged in MO. I still have a valid Kentucky tag and drivers license. Both by law I can keep as long as I hold property in KY. Which I do. My drivers license is good until 2008. My car tags expire at the end of this month.
Because of the Patriot Act in order to get my drivers license in MO or any other state I have to have some proof that I am who I am. Proof is my birth certificate and my marriage licence if my name is not the same as my birth certificate or my passport if it is the name that is on my KY license.

Now neither one of these things is a problem for me to put my hands on. I have them all. They are in my DO NOT THROW AWAY Under penalty of depth FILE, but my problem with having to provide this proof is that I feel that anyone who want to get into this country and live here to do mischief they already have the papers they need.

Do you really think anyone who is up to no good is going to wait on line for hours and go through what an honest citizen has to go through to get a license or renew one? NOT HARDLY. Who does Rumsfeld think he's fooling.

And for the poor who hardly have money to pay for their license they now have the added expense of obtaining birth certificates and or duplicate marriage licenses, etc to prove that they are who they are. Here in Mo the courts said needing this documentation in order to obtain, non-driver ID after having to pay for the ID in order to register and vote was unconstitutional.

Has anyone determined how many illegal aliens actually attempt to vote? Has their votes changed the direction of our country for the worse? Some parts of me want to say what the fuss about. If we "real Americans" do not see the value in our right to vote and DO IT, maybe having these non-citizens who do see the value and the priviledge having then turn out to vote possibly is not a bad thing.

I know 9/11 was a shock to all of us. And I know what it feels like to have someone you love profiled. It happened to my husband more than once; him being stopped for a (DWB) Driving while Black, in a new sports car. But did all common sense go out the window on that day and on all the days and months and years since that day?

I'm off my soap box now. I have decided to keep my KY license and my car registered in Ky for the time being and consider myself having duel residences. Like the people who go south for the winter. I decided I like going West best.
Besides, I still have not sold my condo.


Winifred B. Wallace said...

Hi Juanita,

I also look forward to reading your blog whenever. For me, it is my way of keeping in touch with what you are doing to also keep my quilting momentum going. Love your blogging.

Winifred Wallace from your
Kentucky Symposium

Mrs. Mel said...

I know I am late to commenting but I SO AGREE WITH WHAT YOU WROTE that I had to let you know.
You are a dear and I am glad to see photos again on the blog.