Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Home and Happy

I was awake this morning to the surprise of my daughter who rarely gets to see me upright and in the process of dressing as she is getting ready for her work day. When she immerged from her room I was dressed and eating a bowl of Cheerios and sipping on my first cup of coffee. "What's with you?", she asked, looking a little concerned.
"Not a thing." I replied as I continued to scoop the cereal into my mouth.
"Are you sure?" she said looking back at me over her shoulder as she made her way toward the garage, passing by my studio space as she went. "Is some one coming by"
"No, why?"
"You picked up your studio. I was going to DO IT FOR YOU this morning, (Was she glad I was home too.) but you've done it already. she said and added. "What's up?"
She didn't notice because it wasn't noticible, but I had run the dust mop through the rest of the house as well while waiting for the coffee to brew.
"Nothing" Scoop. Chew. Swollow.
"I'm fine." I said to assure her. "I'm home. I'm happy. I have no where to go until January." God willing I thought.

Home is where the heart is and my heart I realized this past week is in Columbia. This house is truly home to me now.
For weeks now I have had some ideas running aroud in my head that I have not had long concentrated periods of time free of committments that I could devote to exploring these ideas. Now I do. Last night and into the early morning I was pulling fabric from my stash of my own hand dyes, those Marti and I had produced MONTHS ago before I moved and not wanted to use until now. They are all somewhat muted or less intense in color than my usual pallete but defininately in keeping with the colors of Autumn, which I've noticed too that my work seems to minic the colors outside my windows more often than not.
Here are some images from last week in Durham, NC. A look at the Kathie(y)'s . Kathy and my slices of our birthday cake, compliments of Maccroni Grill where we had lunch. Sadly, the best thing about our cake was the lighted candle. I have a very, very severe wheat allergy I discovered last summer and Kathy who's birthday is three days before mine hates the smell and taste of chocolate and never eats it.
I ate a scoop ice cream in leu of the cake and the Kathie(y)'s shared a a piece of lemon cake.
I've loaded into the computer the images from last week but can't seem to get them to load into the blog site.
I want to get to the studio and will try to let you see them when I have more time to wait for the process to work.
Be happy and have a great day.

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