Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

As I sit here working I had forgotten that tomorrow is turkey day even though I had absentmindedly taken the turkey out of the freezer to thaw first thing this morning.
Lyn has the task of doing the shopping for the side dishes ingredients and she said she wanted to prepare the meal for all on Thursday. I said I would help.

I have never fixed an entire holiday meal by myself in all of my wife and mother years. It was the tradition in our family to split the holidays between my Mom and my Mother-n-Laws.
Thanksgiving and Mother's Day was at my Mom's house to which my contribution on Thanksgiving was the sweet potatoes. I got really good at making sweet potatoes. My dad did the entire Mom-day dinner.
Easter and Christmas was at my In-laws. What I contributed to the dinner varied from home made rolls to Lemon Pie which was a favorite of my dear Dad-n-Law. The dinners with the N-laws changed as the kid got older, and went out on their own. At which time Easter dinner and Christmas dinner at our house just became another meal. Nothing special was prepared for just the two of us. We and the kids continued to go to my mothers for Thanksgiving. This will be the first year in over 40 years that I will not make the sweet potatoes for her Thanksgiving meal.

Lyn and I will be making dinner for eight tomorrow. My daughter Rene', my middle grandson, Justin and my grand-daughter Olivia will arrive at the St Louis airport at noon and be here by 2:PM and Lyn invited a friend of her's to join us.

How fast time is flying. Which means I am working, staying busy, and having fun.

Although the stores are all decked out for the season. Red, green, holly, bells, candy canes and lights. And more houses each day have signs of Christmas coming although , it hasn't felt much like the season here, NOT YET, because the temperature are in the mid to upper 60's with sunshine. I will not complain about the sunshine. I love it.

The sun is shining today and I have been working very steadily since I completed my last top. This one is larger than the rest, so I have broken one of my rules to stay within the 45 to 55 inch range. Not sure how large this one will finish simply because I am building it with pieced blocks as I go.

It is not as improvasationable as it sounds. I really do have to have an end-sight in sight as I work. I am just going to allow myself to be a little more open to altering the plan tis time.

I am also working on a small signature 12" x 20" vertical piece at the same time. That one I will show you when it is completed in a few days. It will be the piece that hangs in the Juror's exhibit during Form Not Function at the Carnegie with the other 5 members of the River City Fiber Artist, the art critique and support group I belong to.

Here's to you getting the long side of the wish-bone.

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