Sunday, November 12, 2006

You can not ride a dead horse,

no matter how hard you try to prop it up, say getti-up-go; it won’t.

I came to the same conclusion about my last design. I was astride a dying horse and didn't want to admit it. Remember: It’s the design my voices decided to weigh in on. As you recall I listened to the third voice and retired to my room to knit.

I am happy to report I had a stress free evening and I finished one sock as a result of listening.

I am not that speedy at knitting. I can not finish a sock in one evening. I am far faster at completing a quilt top once I know I am on the right track than knitting a sock with size 2 needles and fine yarn. On the other hand I am not that slow a knitter either. In three days of non stop knitting I can finish more than one sock with a size 5 needle and worsed weight yarn which was what i was using . I didn't this time because I was sleeping almost non-stop 3 days and 3 nights, due to medication.

I'm still not sure why my last design didn't work. I loved it as a line drawing. I loved the colors I had chosen to work with. I certainly gave it enough time inititally. It had additional time to jell---- 3 days----in fact it was on the design wall for all that time without me doing anything to it but contemplating what I could do to make it work. In those three day I was knitting, sleeping and contemplating I really could not come up with a good solution.

THE DIZZIES. I get them sometimes when my allergies act up as they did in a big way on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The slightest movement of my head in any direction without me first holding onto something my brain associate with as up and down, the room spins and I feel like I am falling out of the bed despite the fact that I know my bed can not possibly flip over under any circumstances short of me being Dorothy, as in the Wizard of OZ. Believe me, I am not the ruby slippers with socks and pigtail type. Nor the lover of little dogs like Toto.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays on my brief trips to the kitchen, for something to drink I would glance at the design wall to see if my opinion of the design was changing. Once I was on my feet again on Wednesday and my dizzies had progressed to lightheadiness I contemplated every idea I came up with to fix the design. On Thursday I changed colors. On Friday I changed values. On Saturday morning, I changed the size of some units and I fiddled with the design as a line drawing making changes to it.

All to no avail.

Finally about one in the afternoon, shortly after episode I of the Star Wars marathon began, I took all the parts and pieces off the wall and began to dismantle it. Because I am working with squares I kept all the pieces along with the line drawing.

Marti will like that I didn’t simply ball it all up and stuff it in the scrap bin as she knows I am prone to do.

Why didn’t I this time?

I kept thinking of the many pieces that my artist friend Kathy L has made from some of my discarded beginnings and a lot of my scraps.

By the end of episode III, I was more than half way through another design that is working as I had visualized.

My medication so far has kept the dizzies away.

And the voices are silent. I suppose they are all in agreement.

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