Saturday, November 18, 2006

A quilt show in a small town

John and I spent more time getting ready to go to the quilt show then it took us to see the entire show. I've done quilt shows from start to finish with the help of very good friends in past years so if any one on earth can understand the amount of work and organization that goes into getting a show up and then down IT IS ME.

On Thursday I volunteered Josh, John and the Jeep to Sally and Patti (memebers of the local guild). All quilt shows need strong young backs and muscled arms and the grandboys have youth, and muscles A PLENTY. I know it wasn't how they might have wanted to spend three hours but they did it for me . Love makes you do a lot of things. And love me they do they said when they got back. Come to find out John knew Patti's daughter. No surprise here, this really is a small town.
John agreed to go to the quilt show with me even before I told him he could do the driving. It's been a while since I've been in the car with him while he was driving. I think he went hoping hoping to see something that was more creative then what was there. He was very disappointed when, what he saw was a lot of very traditional bed quilts. Even the smaller wall quilts were more traditional than innovative, with the exception of one or two pieces that were more fiber art than what I would classify as small original quilt art. They were very well crafted.
Heads were in the way of the ones I wanted to get images of. Sorry.

I was surprised to find my piece was facing the front entry door and it was the first thing I saw when I got there after being greeted by Patti and Sally (these two ladies I met at the first art quilt group I attended). When they asked if I was interested in joining the Traditional guild and getting involved with the quilt show I said. BEEN THERE DONE THAT AND AM NOT ABOUT TO GO THERE AGAIN (PERIOD!!!!) Here are some images of the show. As you can see each little nook and cranny was decorated with antiques

The blue quilt is the one John voted for as best of show. I selected the Carolina Lily one, mainly because I have always loved this traditional pattern and the workmanship was wonderful. dispite the whimpy colors.
Not sure what draws me to these little Singer machines. I had one and didn't use it so I sold it. I've never regretted doing that but I always get .... I don't know something, when I see them.

I didn't buy anything at the vendors. There was nothing I needed and all of the fabrics were of Autumn colors and repro of the Civil War era. I wish I'd known there was going to be a scissor sharpner person there, would have given him a considerable amount of business. I really need to get about 5 pairs of my Ginghers sharpened. I'm down to one pair that I can use. I did pick up his business card for future reference.

From there John drove me downtown to search-out a second hand book store and I found a wonderful one. I was looking for a specific out of print book that he did not have instore but was willing to order for me. MBS is located in Columbia, they are the country's largest text book distributor; they also handle second hand books which the public does not have access to but the store owner does. I think on-line they are known as He located the book I wanted on the MBS used books site and will have it for me on Tuesday, maybe Monday he said.

If I hadn't left John sitting in the car with the motor running in a yellow line zone I could have spent hours in the store. He and his wife were the friendliest two people I've have met so far outside of the quilt-art community and I have met many, many friendly people here. We got on the topic of geneology. I think he said his wife had written three books on the subject of geneology. In coonversation he learned I was from Louisville and his wife from a small town between , Bardstown and Taylorsville, KY that I'd never heard of. He said he knew why I hadn't, "The population " he said, "was propbly even now no more than six cows and two chickens."

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