Monday, November 13, 2006

I am so PUMPED

I am REALLY ENJOYING working on this series. With the exception of the design I just discarded all the other pieces have progress from paper to fabric without a hitch. So we won't mention the discarded one again. The boys in the house have come by my space and commented approvingly on what I am doing. Both have a good measure of artist in them. Josh unschooled draws well in a very graphic way. To bad I can't seem to talk him into doing something commercial with his talent. Of course he would benefit greatly from some formal education in graphic art before money could be made. But the word SCHOOL isn't the word he wants to hear now. Maybe later.

John on the other hand, having been raised in his more formative years by me seems to be more in tune with my medium and with my color preferences. He's taken every art class offered in his schools since his elementary school years.

I am happy to report that the design I started on two days ago is done and I was up late planning for my next three. The scale drawings are done for all three are done and one has the values worked out. I am going to select the colors for it just as soon as I sign off.

I want to show you what I am doing in the worst way but feel that the body of work will look more cohesive when I get more pieces done. Be patient with me.


Mrs. Mel said...

I wished for pictures of the dead horse too, as well as the stuff you are working on. Sorry that I am so insistent on pictures, but I am a visual person and they tell the tale better than words.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see, I'm so excited just reading about your progress!