Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The first day of Christmas

was quiet and as simple as the bow that decorates our front door. The remaining eleven days of Christmas will be the same.
For me, Christmas, the day lost most of its joy and delightfulness when the last child stopped believing in Santa some thirty-five years ago. Christmas had a short reprieved when the Grandchildren began to appear. But now that peiord too has past. Olivia, my only hope lives 400 miles away.

Of course I know that "SANTA" gift getting and giving is not the real reason for the celebration that sieges every ones purse or wallet this time of the year but it seems that is the most prominent one put forth these days.

I has no reason to go out among the horde shopping before nor will I be there today with all the people returning, exchanging and looking for bargains.

I decided before Christmas that I had everything of a material nature that I needed or wanted with the exception of two CD's. The new IL DIVO and Josh Groban's newest. Of course I could have brought them myself, but that would have meant I would have to do the shopping. I asked nicely and John and Lyn picked them up for me several days ago and I did not wait until Christmas day to break the seals and listen to them.

My day was a completely relaxed one, in that, I never got out of my pj's. I WISHED FOR SNOW, but there wasn't a flurry, so I read a book, did a little knitting and watched TV. Lyn and I cooked a traditional holiday dinner together. We ate after she and John returned from seeing "Dream Girl".

I hope you had the kind of day you wanted too.

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