Monday, December 04, 2006

Snowed in.

Carlos is here and I am finally getting dug out today. Of course Lyn using my jeep has not been stranded. The Jetta sits too low to handle the depth of snow we recieved, so here I have been since Wednesday. The snow fell on Friday morning and did not stop until there was 14-16 inches of the stuff in this area on top of about 2 inches of freezing rain that fell all the day on Thursday. Luckily we did not lose power and we have all been snug as bugs.
I have worked through all of this. The light that is gained from clear skies and sun reflecting off of snow is great.
And I have been entertained by my neighbors. For they were out digging themselves out of 2 and 3 car wide driveways. I don't know why they bothered so soon they could not go anywhere because out street did not get plowed until late last night.
The mail man did come on Friday or Saturday, but will be able to get down our street today. I haven't recieved my Quilting Arts Magazine yet and I WANT IT.
The children in back of us were having the time of their lives yesterday and I got a good laugh watching them playing in the snow. Their father had dug them a down hill sled track that their saucer sled fit into perfectly. Down the hill they came, spinning around giggling all the way to the bottom. Where they picked up their sleds and climbed back up the hill to do it again and again.
This is my signature piece for Form Not Function. "The Coming Winter" It measures 12" x 19-1/2 inches. I did it before the snows came.


Karoda said...

I love the trees and the orientation...please please keep the snow over in Missouri!

Sarah said...

Wonderful piece!

Terry said...

Wonderful piece--wonderful peace. The trees are graceful and lovely. Too many ugly, clunky trees on quilts. Yours are perfection.