Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A productive play day

Yesterday I couldn't get a thing accomplished in the studio because the phone kept ringing. The ringing phone wasn't my cell phone which is always nearby, an arms reach away to no more than two steps. It has caller ID which means if I don't want to take the call I don't answer it. No the ringing phone was the house phone. Of course there isn't an extension in my space so I have to go the kitchen or Lyn's room or John's room to answer it. The closest extension is in the kitchen.

I do so try to stay out of that room because of the pit falls it holds. The PHONE SITS BY AND NEAR THE BAD STUFF. The candy, chips, soda,and ice cream. I could add cake and cookies to the list except I am really, really allergic to wheat and avoid it at all cost. At times I do so wish I was allergic to sugar too. Allergic in the sense of hives, stuffy nose etc, a Benadryl curable kind of allergy, NOT DIABETIC.

I know you know what I am saying when I say that every time I had a good thought the phone rang and spoiled my thinking process. Every time I came back to pick up where I left off, the phone rang again. Then the furnace man came to see why Lyn's closet stays cold when there are two heating vents in there. Then John came home. Then the phone rang some more and I GAVE UP went to my room to read.

This morning was different. The sky was clear of clouds, the remaining snow made the house very bright and sunny and I got up full of gusto and was in the studio without taking time out for eat breakfast. I was in the kitchen just long enough to brew a fresh pot of coffee and serve myself a cup that went with me to the studio. I knew what I had wanted to do yesterday was a lost cause so I said, "I'm playing today." Let it ring, let it ring, let it ring.

Would you belive it didn't. Not once. So undisturbed I didn't stop playing until hunger began gnawing my stomach. Only then did I realized it was nearly 3:30 PM. A sliced apple and peanut butter and a warmed over cup of coffee later and I was back at it again.

This is what my experimental playing around today gained me I want to add some red to the green/black piece. I will more than likely use red opaque acrylic paint to do it.

The orange landscape piece I don't know what more I want to add at this time. Will keep it on the wall and look at it for at least another day before I begin to quilt them. Both pieces started off larger but will be cropped to what you are seeing now. I do love the ability to try out different amounts of cropping in my photo program before making a final decision. More important, the final CUT.


Anonymous said...

From non-artist, I love the landscape, lake is cold and foreboding. Sun is magical.

Karoda said...

The colours are so vibrant! Reminds me of one of your quilts with trees...similiar colours but not as intense maybe.

And we woke up to snow flurries this morning but all gone now!