Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On the second day of Christmas

I went to audition a new Doctor for myself. Now that I am in Columbia for the foreseeable future I thought that was advisable. I asked this rather large medical practice to be assigned to a recently trained, male Doctor who specialized in Internal Medicine and I was.
Ive had two really great doctors since I began to think that having a Doctor that was both good and personable was a major thing for me. The first one left Louisville, moving south with his family and the second one I left back in Kentucky. In between those two I have had several duds and one that I would not let treat the dog of my worst enemy if I had anyone in my life that could be so classified. Thank goodness I don't.

I scheduled this appointment when I knew there was nothing going on with me. And since there wasn't I could evaluate his listening skills, and manner better than if I was in the middle of needing medical care. He passed.

The other thing I did that I was happy about was, I discovered how to use a projector with my computer , tat ta....power point, thanks greatly to John who is a whiz at such things. Schools these days may not be teaching kids how to make change for a dollar but they know what the F4 button does.

I began working on another design that has been laying on my studio table for a week or so.
I truly wish I could piece as freely as I sketch and color in my designs. This is the sketch. I'll let you see the results in a couple of days. The part of me that prefers order to the part of me that wants very much to be less orderly is in the mist of a tug of war. So far, order is winning.

Since this is day two I thought

I'd also let you see my last two completed quilts TOPS. Not doing any quilting yet.

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