Saturday, March 17, 2007

Can you believe it snowed today

just when the landscaper was coming to start work on the yard. The snow didn't accumulate on the street just the grassy areas and roof tops. Close to an inch by the time it stopped. And there I was ready to for Spring. I ogled spring planting summer flowering bulbs at the grocery store yesterday, but did not buy them. I've purchased more than 1/2 dozen gardening book at the drug store and Barnes and Nobles looking for ideas for both the yard and my quilts. For the past five years I've had only rail boxes and patio size pots to plant into. This year there is almost an acre. The bad part about this is that it is facing North and get the East sun. Have several locations where Hosta's would grow, but I want COLOR, COLOR and more COLOR. I'm sure, Chad, the landscaper will have some ideas. And we must have trees. Some that grow faster like Maples would be good. Would love to have some flowering trees, but they because of cost may have to wait until phase 2 of the project. Phases 1 is; grade to prevent further soil erosion, grade or install drain to stop the standing water problem, bring in good top spoil and seed so we can have GRASS.
Enough about the yard....

I am working again on the tulip quilt and I must stop listening to both John and Lyn's comments as they pass the studio. I don't like what they are saying about the piece. I'm not too sure I an enthralled with it at this moment, but I have a vision. II have made three backgrounds for the tulips because they thought it wasn't oomph-y enough. I keep telling them to give me time to finish it. That at this stage it is not very "endearing" or "exciting" or what every they are looking for it to be. "Give it time, give me time" I'm not sure why they are weighing in so heavily on this piece when they have hardly given any of a dozen pieces I've made since I moved here a second look or thought it seemed.
Maybe, they need to get a life. SSSSHHHHH!!! don't tell them I said this.

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Anonymous said...

My east flower bed does better than the south and west ones. the early sun isn't too hot but is intense for enough hours to do the job. Have fun with your planning.