Monday, March 12, 2007

The end of an era

My duties as the resident Grandmother in charge came to an end on March 11. John Christopher turned 16. HURRAY!!!!. He can now be legally left in the state of Missouri by himself for several nights without having on site parental supervision. And truly he is capable of handling that responsibility. Now I no longer have to worry that Lyn and my away from home commitments will over lap. From now on checking her schedule against mine will only be a courtesy not a must do before committing.
Another mile stone also happened on Sunday. After months and months of Lyn looking for furniture for her bedroom and finding nothing that she liked. She found some things yesterday; a bed, a chair and a wall unit. She decided not to decorate her room in traditional bedroom style. There is no need for a dresser and chest of drawer etc, since her bathroom, dressing room en suite is to die for. To date, she's brought nothing for her room but a lamp. Bringing to the new house only her bed frame, mattress and box spring. Can I say the room was bare. It echoed from the emptiness. NOW finally I think she is making some progress.
I could have gotten this room done for her months ago, but we do not have the same taste in furniture. She thinks I'm too traditional. And in all honesty, she had no clue what she wanted other than she wanted her room to feel like she was staying at a four star hotel. I on the other hand prefer the bed and breakfast kind of feel.
So off we (she, John and I) went on her rare day off during this tax season for the drive down to Jefferson City, the state capital which is about 30 miles from Columbia to look in three stores, sadly the one that was the furthermost away was not open on Sunday. We ended the outing at Outback for John's birthday dinner and held ourselves in check by not announcing to one and all that he was now 16.
Now for some quilt news:
Bluestem Missouri Art and Craft Gallery here in Columbia is carrying my work. My floral quilts will be featured there during an up coming Spring exhibit that focuses on art and craft with flowers as the theme. There will be a by invitation reception sometimes in May. A good reason to put on a dress and go out for the evening. I know pants would work too, but the last time my bare legs felt a breeze on them was last September, I think they are due.
Finished the commission I was working on and it was sent off and received last Monday so now I am back to working on the tulip quilt and waiting for another landscaper to come today to give us an estimate on how we can solve the standing water and soil erosion issues on the east side of the house and for most of the back yard.

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