Thursday, March 29, 2007

Went out and about the town today

I took my camera along as I delivered this quilt to Bluestem Missouri Craft Gallery for an up coming exhibit that features art and craft works with flowers, but didn't find anything worth taking a picture of. Seeing all the tulips blooming on every corner in raised flower beds was heart warming, but all tulips everywhere look the same.
John the grandson who is on spring break this week came along for the ride and to show me how to get to the gallery in the fine arts school building on the University of Missouri campus. I wanted to see the Senior Art Students' Show. I will reserve my critique of the show least I sound too much like an old foggy who dislikes message and personal statement art which was what the majority of the work was about. Give me a pretty tree and a lovely sunset any day.

I have finally finished decorating my daughter's bedroom. She finally decided on a New England summer cottage look. By finishing I mean making the curtains, upholstering the box spring so it matches the room colors, making a table skirt and the matching curtains for her room and her bath and making a parsons chair cover to match the box spring. Sorry the lighting to day because of the rain was not good enough for you to see what the window treatment on the bed wall looks like. Now I am back to the tulip quilt. I am almost done with the quilting, I will give you another look when I have finished the painting.


Karoda said...

ya know, i've been tuning in daily to the house and senate procedures and hearings and lord knows someone needs to address heavily laden message art...but most days i conclude that the madness of men is ancient and will be around for moons to come and the world is in greater need of calm and beauty then anything!

Kay said...

Juanita, I just hit your blog by clicking "Random", and realized that I had seen and admired your quilt at Bluestem a week and a half ago! Is that amazing? (I also saw a picture of it on Bluestem's card that arrived at my friend's in Virginia last weekend while I was visiting.) I had been back to Columbia, my hometown, to visit my mother and sister who still live there. I never miss a chance to visit Bluestem.

Also enjoyed your "Blah" post. I know the feeling so well.