Thursday, March 01, 2007

Haiku: the art of limiting words.

I never thought myself a poet, or the lover of them. In school I had to read and recite them for credit but in my youth the art of the word and the value of each was , lost. As you know I have had a time naming my work, mainly because it is not from a thought the work comes but comes from images and the images are always flowers or the color of a flower or feeling of the season in which I want to set the flower.
So I thought if I gave the feelings I have when I am working more thought, or get in touch with the feelings I have about the season or time of day in which the flowers find themselves at my hand then I could get a handle on what I might title the piece.
So for part of today as I was waiting for Carlos to come jump my car. (I thought the car would not start because of a dead battery) I decided to take pen in hand and sit down to write.
Here is what came of my mind wanderings.

The cold winter days
Steal both warmth and joy
Colors warm restore

Push back the night dark
Colors of Summer spring new
No more Winter dawns

Where goes the day
Slipping quietly to night
Blooms grow in moon glow.

Not quite Basho, the Japanese haiku master(1644-94)
I know haiku is written in a 5-7-3 syllable pattern and what I wrote does not fit that pattern but it was a starting point knowing I was limiting myself to a limited amount of words.

I began working on the tulip quilt again as Carlos determined that simply charging the battery was not going to solve the problem. So tomorrow I am having the car towed to the VW dealership for what ever. I hope a new battery will solve the problem.
Tomorrow evening I am going to a lecture and trunk show sponsored by the local quilt guild and the two day workshop that follows on Friday and Saturday. I will let you know how that goes.

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