Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Here's what been happening

The most remarkable thing about the Friday Saturday workshop I took was this pot of tulips. Aren't they wonderful. My latest quilt by happenstance is of tulips but there is nothing like the REAL things especially when they are in a color you love. These made my heart sing. It was snowing outside on Saturday when I took this picture. If you look to the left side of the picture you can see how snowy it was and since I wasn't lucky enough to win them in the put your name in the hat drawing I got the picture of them instead which will last far longer than the real plant.
I have included candid shots of the workshop happenings and the view of some of the completed class assignment by several of the participants.

While the workshop was billed as composition and design it was more about the use of color.
I think I have very good handle on color and value and would not have attended if I knew this was going to be the jest of the two days. But it was good to get to meet some other quilters in this area. The instructor was very good and took us quickly through what she called art 101 that did include commenting on some design principles as she critiqued the three class assignments which were: make a piece with a complimentary color harmony, a secondary triad harmony and a color harmony of your choice. They were to be quick studies that would be completed by the end of day one. No one finished, so she said we had home work and they should be ready by first things Saturday. Mine were, but no one else's was so day two was much like day one. She will be back in six months to teach to the group again, maybe it will be an art level 200 type class rather then a repeat of this one. So forgive my bitch'n , moan'n and complain'n.
From one of the ladies I learned the location of another quilt shop which surprisingly is close to my favorite yarn shop and near where I was having the bumper put back on the car from my accident with a curb while in Louisville. Of course, around here is relative. Everything is close. No further than 8 miles from one side of Columbia proper to the other. I has been so bad weather wise around here since I got back that having the repair done was the last thing. The duck tape Marti helped put on the car was doing a very good job of holding all in place.

The weather seems to be taking a turn toward Spring around here and the Landscaper was here to walk the yard with the guy who will be manning the earth moving equipment beginning the middle of next week if the weather hold and we don't get the rain that is predicted. Yesterday was the first time I have walked to the back property line. Generally all I see of the yard if from the kitchen door. Walking gave me a better handle on just how much the yard rises at the back of the lot. A bern will be built up on the east side of the lot. In my mind I can see the flowers that will be blooming there by mid summer.

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Karoda said...

Oh, I so need warmer weather!

Next month I'll take a 2-1 day workshops with Hollis Chatelain...she was asked to make a commemorative quilt honoring Desmund Tutu who will be the keynote speaker for Berea College's graduation and there will be a solo show of her work.