Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the saddle again

or should I say at the easel. I know it doesn't look like much now, but stay tuned and see how it develops.
It's been a while since I've stood here, but I find I am enjoying it.
The website for the retreat I am organizing for January 2011 can be found here.
My friend Marti and I talked by phone for a very long time several evenings ago. We discussed many things. One of the topic we gnawed on for awhile was the way we approach our work. Then we talked about how another artist friend of ours Kathy Loomis is able to work on several pieces at the same time; putting out both large and small pieces with seemingly ease, whereas Marti and I don't. After we hung up I began to think about why that was.
I came to the conclusion that maybe the reason I didn't work like that was due more to the fact that I have always worked large and have always had a limited amount of design wall space and rather thannworking on one piece and taking it down to work on another or filling the design wall with a lot of small works, I opted from the beginning to fill it with something more substantial, plus the techniques I employed from the beginning in creating my work until I got interested in whole cloth painted images has been either pieced or pieced and appliqued.
For the next few months I am going to try working on two different pieces. The one I am painting measures about 54 inches by 45 inches and I plan to piece something in the same size range or larger.
I have many pieces of hand dyed fabric that I did several months ago that have been waiting for me to use.
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Carol said...

Hey Juanita, I'm so glad to see something on the canvas. This gives me the feeling of great expectations. I can hardly wait.
On the subject of working on more than one piece at the time versa only working only on one piece at the time reminds me of myself. I've been wondering about myself. I cannot seem to continue on one piece for any long period of time before I seem to tire or loose perspective as to where I'm going. I really think I have adult attention deficit disorder of some kind.

Kathleen Loomis said...

Hi Juanita! I think it's an issue of mental outlook rather than design wall space -- I don't have much space either, and I like to work large. I do have extra design wall panels so I can prop a clean one up in front of one that's already occupied if I want to make a new piece before the other one is finished.

I like the freedom to leave something to vegetate if it's giving me a hard time. Often problems solve themselves if you just go away for a while and do something else.