Friday, June 18, 2010

Im sitting on the sofa

looking across the room, waiting for this to dry. Only then can I tell if I need to change anything. I try to error on the side of not quite finished, knowing I can still add to it with thread and if not that some more paint after the quilting.
I didn't work on the piece yesterday, it was just too overcast and rainy. I didn't do my walk around the lake until after dinner thinking since the temperature had dropped into the high 70's, it would be pleasant. Wrong the humidity remained very high and I was drippy within 10 minutes of leaving my air conditioned building.
Today started out somewhat better with partly sunny skies, but I still had to turn on the daylight bulbs to get a clear picture of what I was doing by noon as the clouds got thicker and the rain began to fall.
The last two day I started and stopped on two different pieced pieces but put one aside, left one on the design wall the mull over. But I know the first one was not talking to me and the second one, looks too much like too many other pieces done by too many other piecers I have seen over the years. So I fear it too will see the unfinished pile as well, that is, unless I can see a way of turning it into something that interest me.
All is not lost. I have another idea that came to me as I was having my morning coffee this morning. I did a few quick sketches. A few look promising. I will have a go at one of them shortly.
Check back to see what I am into next.
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Susan Turney said...

Hi Juanita,
It looks wonderful...I can't wait to see it quilted. I think the painting sounds so fun and engrossing and the weather gives you time to just sit and "consider".
I'm having the worst time getting my studio organized. There are so many boxes and so much crap that I do a little and then just stand there and finally go back into the house. I figure if I do 4-5 boxes a day I'll eventually get it finished. The movers put so many of the boxes out there that didn't belong and I should have gotten rid of more stuff before I moved. I'm anxious to start dyeing and when I read your blog and Melody's I get excited. Hopefully, I can try something new soon!
I'm always happy to see your posts.

Karen said...

I love following your work! I just saw your quilt featured on the TQS website, congratulations! Your work is beautiful!