Saturday, June 12, 2010

The truth is, when you live an ordinary life,

no matter how wonderful and joy filled it might be. The fact is, writing about my ordinary days doesn't make for great reading.
So for those of you who have been wondering and waiting to see my next blog entry, or e-mailed me to see if all is well, here it is and this was my day, so far.
I got up ate breakfast. Sat down at my laptop. Read my e-mail. Check the few blogs I follow and got back to working on a website to promote "Art with Cloth" the seminar and retreat I am hosting here next January.
When the site is ready to go live I will let you all know. Hey,you just might decide that you HAVE TO COME TO FLORIDA next Winter and spend some time with me.
Rene arrived at 11:20 and we went to the movies and had popcorn for lunch as we watched the Karate Kid. Not a bad way to spend 2 hours especially at the end/ It has a really slow beginning with some interest in the middle.

Emerging from the air conditioned theatre, the 90 plus heat was really noticeable, but on ward we went to the Library to return some books and check out others. Then it was off to Winter Park to shop on Park Avenue. I really love this small community in the Orlando Metro area not far from where I live. Guess what? I finally found a shoe store that carries Earth (R) brand shoes. While the selection was not huge, they at least had enough styles to make choosing a pair or two interesting. I settled this time on a pair of sandal that will feel good walking around the lake in. However, I will have to look elsewhere for a pair of shoes suitable for walking fast on the treadmill. I guess there is always Zappos and Lyn did say last night on the phone that she would be happy to will ship me a pair from Dryer in Columbia, MO. Now they had a SELECTION!!!
As we strolled along the sidewalk from "Shooz on Park" to "Panera Bread" to get a carry-out salads for dinner, we stopped in the "Cheese Shop" to ogle their wares and we each brought a hunk of Sage Cheese. YUM. Great stuff. In that block long walk we also passed a Thai Restaurant with buckets of fresh cut orchids for sale. $1.00/stem. There were purple ones and pinkish one, but I had to bring a few of the yellow stems home with me. Aren't they great...
Iwonder if tomorrow I can find four things that bring me joy in my ordinary day. I guess both you and I will have to wait and see.

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Bec Clarke said...

Well I found that really interesting, maybe not as a daily ocurence but thanks for the update. FYI I would loooove to join you in Florida but I can't see my husband letting me leave my 1 & 3you children at home in Australia with him for the duration.
BTW I see you have a Lee Childs book, I love his books and have read them all, can't wait to get his new one.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new transplant to central Florida and found you thru Melody's blog. I have been experimenting with painting on fabric and researching soy as a ground after reading your blog. Your work is stunning and I will look forward to a workshop in the winter. I also like Winter Park....we go to the art shows and stroll the streets and shops. Sue

Rayna said...

Was disappointed not to see you when I was teaching in Orlando last week. Hopefully, next time (if there is one).