Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I arrived

in Rhode Island and knew immediately that I had traveled into the coming Winter. The wind on Sunday definitely had the feel of snow in the air. I have not been away from north long enough to lose that "knowing feeling". Mind you I did not want it to snow, not when I had to drive 2 plus hours from Cranston, RI to Lowell, MA. So I was very relieved to see only this much snow when I woke on Monday morning.
It was a very selective snow as I learned because Framingham, MA, about an hour away north of Providence got no snow and there was none further north in Lowell.
I was one of the jurors for the regional SAQA exhibit that will open in January of 2011.
I am always pleased to see what others are creating on one hand. On the other hand it is evident that too many or doing work that is not truly theirs. There is still too much of noted quilt teachers work apparent in the entries. And there is still too many that enter competitions with images that do not do justice to their work.
All in all the exhibit should be on your must stop in and see if you live in or near or can travel to the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA
I was amazed to see that while Thanksgiving is still weeks away, the Christmas/Holiday decorations were being installed in Lowell.
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