Friday, November 12, 2010

I drove to Southbury

on Wednesday afternoon and arrived about 5:00 PM as it was getting dark. The Heritage Hotel was as I remembered. Well run, nice room and great food. The retreat remains a popular venue for quilters in the north east. Most of those attending are from NY and PA. Some come from further away, D.C., SC, NC, NJ, IL and me from FL. A few computer suave quilter's husband round out the mix and make things run smooth for almost 100 women who are attending more as a relax and retreat place than as a workshop stop.
Since I arrived I have not left the hotel and I was glad to find my class room had a window to a courtyard and this tree with peeling bark
was as close as I have come to communing with nature.

Here are 4 of my student in the paint it portion of my Paint-it/Quilt-it/Finish-it 2-1/2 day workshop. Ellen, Renee,Beverly and Barbara.

When I checked on line for the result of the Mancuso Show in West Palm, FL I was pleasantly pleased to see that I had won the Best Machine Workmanship Award for Kissimmee Garden which I have shown you in past blog post. Yeah!!!!!!
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Renee said...

Juanita, I had such a blast in class. Thank You so much! I am definitely going to be incorporating painting into my quilting. I hope I can convince my guild to bring you in for a workshop as well.

and Congrats! once again on your Best Machine Workmanship Award.... WOOHOO!